UNAIK is company of eCommerce and highload websystems development with local centers in USA, Canada, Sweden and Ukraine.

STRATEGY UNAIK is professional maintenance of highload projects of our customers.

UNAIK is actively mobilizing capacities across borders and delivers projects in mixed teams. Local and nearshore resources work closely together in integrated and interdisciplinary teams, supported by a common corporate culture and delivery methodology across geographical borders. The delivery model provides the customer with high flexibility regarding cost efficiency and ensures stable access of resources. A strong collaboration across national borders also secures knowledge and understanding of local markets.

UNAIK Developers brings decades of industry experience, a global perspective and a passion for achieving top results and improvements in coding of global IT projects. In spite of the fact that majority of the guys in company are wheelchair users they are professional developers. We believe that people with disabilities have greatly benefit in team of developers with deep expertise in software and web applications development and maintenance in highload projects.